What are we looking for when we approve brands?

Below, you can find a short guide on what we look for when we approve brands for Social Cat. If you want to understand the rules for being accepted as an Influencer, check this guide.
The approval process for brands is simpler than for creators' ones, where we have an entire list of requirements.
For now, let's check the rules for brands:

Landing Page and Social Media Presence

Have a landing page optimized for conversions plus a social media presence, and start with the right foot. We see this happening quite often. Brands are eager to release a new product, and they're already looking to promote it before having one of the two ready.
A landing page is necessary for the influencers to learn more about your business and check if it matches what they do before promoting it. There are no criteria for the landing page to get approved. Still, it's in your best interest to have it optimized for conversions.
An Instagram account is a must, as the collaboration happens there, and you want to see and measure it live. However, there are no criteria for the Instagram page: no minimum number of followers, posts, or following.

Alternative shop set-up

Many small brands still operate on Etsy or Amazon, and we help them reach new customers. Suppose you are a small brand operating on any e-commerce platform out there. In that case, there is no need to worry: as long as your product page is up and running, we can work together.
As general advice here: make sure to have this page optimized; clear photos of your products, easy-to-read descriptions, and customer and a solid track of positive customer reviews. Suppose you don't have a lot of customer reviews yet. In that case, that's fine - work with micro-influencers from Social Cat, and they will review your product on any 3rd party platform on top of the Instagram review.

Onboarding Information Completed

The information provided in the sign-up process is later used by our algorithm to match you with relevant creators working with us. Therefore, the more accurate the information you provide is, the more precise matches will be.
Although you can skip some sections in the sign-up process, we recommend not to. It's in our best interest to help you grow your business, but we need the correct information to do that.
The sign-up process takes approximately five minutes.
If this mini-guide does not answer your questions, email us at joe@thesocialcat.com, and we will reply in less than three business days.