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How Social Cat works

Create tailored campaigns and get applications from influencers. Browse through our database and invite influencers to campaigns.


Create your first campaign

We designed a smooth onboarding process where you create a campaign in less than 5 minutes. Tell us more about your brand and what type of influencers you'd seek.

Get applications and pick the right influencers to work with

Once you publish a campaign, it becomes discoverable for influencers, and they'll start applying. Check their profiles, pick the relevant ones, and progress with the collaborations.

Invite relevant influencers to campaigns

Use our proposal feature and advanced filters like location, ethnicity, or age groups to discover influencers in our database and invite them to your campaigns.

It's a match. Chat with influencers, finalize details, and wait for them to post.

It's a match once you accept an applicant or influencers accept your invitation. Chat with influencers, finalize details, draft contracts, and watch collaborations go live.

Everything you need


  • Vetted & verified influencers

    Each influencer is vetted manually before approval. We also integrate with Meta and TikTok, so each influencer must verify their accounts for authenticity.

  • Gifted & paid campaigns

    Create gifted, paid, or affiliate campaigns for your brand according to your budget, needs, and goals.

  • Real-time metrics

    Make informed decisions with metrics like reach, impressions, engagement, and audience insights for influencers. Updated regularly with our Meta and TikTok integrations.

  • Prospects

    Browse through our database and invite influencers to campaigns. Available for gifted and paid campaigns.

  • Advanced filtering

    Use advanced filters like location, age groups, ethnicity, and more to find the relevant influencers.

  • Communication

    Built-in messaging system for seamless communication. Create and use messaging templates to speed up processes.

  • Content library

    Get all your content uploaded in one spot. Download and use on marketing channels and materials, licensing included.

  • Influencer profiles

    Check reviews, portfolios, previous collaborations, metrics, and more for each influencer you'd like to work with.

  • Contracts

    Draft and send contracts before sending products out. All the campaign terms are agreed upon before sending the products.

  • Reporting

    Afraid to send products because you might get ghosted out? Use our reporting feature, and a team member will assist.

  • Multiple social media networks

    Work with influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. All in one place.

  • Multiple brands and team members

    Manage multiple brands from the same account. Invite multiple team members and collaborate on campaigns.

  • AI assistant

    Integrated with the latest version of ChatGPT. Generate product descriptions, captions, ad copy, and more. Available for all plans.

  • Ready to start?

C.G.M. Fitness

I am highly impressed with the influencers I accepted collaborations with. They have created engaging posts, are responsive, and all truly barter.

The value received for the $ spent is amazing. I was spending a lot more per month with a PR agency, and I didn’t get half the amount of posts that I do with Social Cat. I am excited for more collaborations and more influencers finding out about the platform. Thank you so much !

β€” Cara D'Orazio, Owner at C.G.M. Fitness


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