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Social Cat is a simple and seamless way to pair brands with micro-influencers. Receive free gifts, get paid, and support brands with promotions and content.

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How Social Cat works

Browse through available campaigns or receive proposals directly from brands. Work with them on gifted or paid campaigns.


Setup a free Social Cat account

Tell us more about your creator profile, your followers, your location, and the brands you want to collaborate with.

Tip: verify your account on Instagram and TikTok so brands can see more in-depth metrics about your profile. It will increase your chances for paid collaborations by up to 47%.


Apply to available campaigns

Filter through the available campaigns, find the ones you like, either gifted or paid and apply to them. Wait for the brand's decision. It won't take long.

Receive direct proposals from brands

Besides applying to campaigns, brands can also discover your profile and send you direct invitations to their campaigns. This can be for gifted or paid collaborations.

It's a match. Start working on the campaign

When brands accept your campaign application or you accept their proposal to work together, it's a match. Use the messaging system to agree on the details and wait for the products to arrive.


You could be one of them


Why use Social Cat?

The only platform designed to connect micro influencers and small brands

Find boutique brands and start-ups to work with

Find boutique brands and start-ups to work with

Small brands need influencer marketing too but they can't afford to work with big influencers. They prefer to work with smaller creators to create awareness and get content for their marketing channels.
Find out first about brands on the lookout for micro influencers
Get a daily email with brands that we think you might like
Get free products in exchange for content reviews on Instagram and TikTok
Gifted and paid collaborations in one platform

Gifted and paid collaborations in one platform

Work with brands on gifted and paid collaborations in one single platform. Get free products and work on paid campaigns. We don't take any commissions from payments, and it's free to be a creator.
Apply to gifted or paid campaigns on our platform
Receive proposals from brands for gifted or paid collaborations
Sign contracts, create awesome content, and get paid
Discover new brands and products that you'll love

Discover new brands and products that you'll love

Our small team is on a constant search for new, fresh brands that have something unique. We manually look at all brands that sign up on the Social Cat community and only approve the best.
Find out about the newest trends and products before anyone else
Help brands just starting out spread the word in your community
Get to be a brand ambassador from the early days of their journey
Help emerging entrepreneurs in their early days and support the community

Help emerging entrepreneurs in their early days and support the community

Most of our brands are just starting and are usually run by a founder or just a small team of people. They are doing their best to create a fantastic product and get it out there. You can help and connect with amazing people.
Help start-ups and connect with great entrepreneurs early in their journey
Build long lasting relationships early
Get the newest products in front of your followers


What do I need to get approved?

The Social Cat platform is designed with simplicity in mind

Instagram or TikTok account

Public Instagram or TikTok profile. Verify your profile for more paid collaborations.

At least 3000 followers

A minimum of 3000 followers to be considered.

Overall aesthetic

A good-looking, polished profile. Bio, feed, reels, highlights, and overall quality.

Showcase themselves

It's mandatory for micro-influencers to show their faces and personalities on social media.

Speak in front of the camera

It's mandatory for micro-influencers to speak in front of the camera on social media.

Genuine audiences

Fake followers, bots, or follow-per-follow loops are prohibited on our platform. Avoid at all costs.

Other aspects

We're also looking at how active creators are, previous campaigns, or engagement rates.


We have worked with hundreds of amazing influencers

"This is the best ambassador programme platform I have found.

It’s super easy to use, they send a brief of the company that are looking for a collab and you just click to apply and then the company check out your social media and if your a match they contact you.

I have been matched with some fantastic brands and still keep in contact with many now. Fab idea and execution."

Sarah Cohen
Social Cat is great for me! There are many interesting brands to work with. The platform itself is very easy to navigate.
Kate Herman
Joining Social Cat has being an amazing experience for me as a micro influencer.
Jennifer Akong
It's simple to navigate & effective! You can choose which brands you wish to collab with that correspond to your lifestyle.
Taylor Jane
My favorite part is daily digest with interesting brands. I usually forget to check influencer platforms every day and these daily digest straight to my email is a live saver!
Kate Herman
It's simple to navigate & effective! You can choose which brands you wish to collab with that correspond to your lifestyle.
Taylor Jane
It has made my connections to brands so seamless and I get to work with the brands that resonates with my audiences.
Jennifer Akong
You are not only getting the products free of charge but you are also helping small businesses in the process.
Taylor Jane
It also has a review feature where I can see rating of the brands so I know if it’s the right fit.
Jennifer Akong

Frequent Questions

Learn more

What is a micro-influencer?
The definition of a micro-influencer often differs from various sources. However, at Social Cat, we define micro-influencers as social media users who fall inside the 1,000 - 50,000 followers/subscribers bracket.
I am a macro-influencer. Can I join Social Cat?
Sure, we work with macro-influencers as well. If you have questions, email us at
Which social media networks do you cover?

We cover Instagram and TikTok for now, with plans to add YouTube and Pinterest soon.

What kind of campaigns do brands run?

Brands run gifted, affiliate, and paid campaigns on our platform. Sign-up for a FREE account to apply to them.

What are the costs for micro-influencers?

None. It's free to join and use our platform, and we don't take any commissions from the campaigns. You also get to keep the products for free, and brands pay the shipping fees.

What is a gifted collaboration?

A gifted (or barter) collaboration can be described as a situation whereby a brand reaches out to an influencer to help promote its products in exchange for free product samples for the influencer to use.

What if I get rejected?

No worries. Take some time to go through the feedback provided via email, and apply directly from your account in one month. Our team will look over the account again.

Do I need to verify my profile on Social Cat?

We recommend verifying your profile because it will give access to more relevant metrics for brands, like reach, impressions, or audience insights. Creators who verify their accounts have priority for paid collaborations and more chances to get approved by brands.

Verifying your account is super safe, and you don't need to give us any sensitive information. Log in with your email and let Meta or TikTok sync to our platform.

How do I get paid, and how do I ensure brands won't refuse to pay?

Brands provide payments directly to your PayPal account.

We have protection systems in place, and if brands refuse to pay, you can get in touch with our team to have a look over this. Brands refusing to pay can end up with their contracts terminated with our platform.

Have more questions? Have a look at our Help Center.

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