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Meet Rima Vaidya - A Social Cat top performer

Catalin Jian

Catalin Jian

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Meet one of our top-performing influencers, Rima Vaidya - a unique, expressive individual who believes in freedom of creativity. Her vivid imagination and out-of-the-box thinking are what set her apart from the crowd. This spirit of individuality and creativity comes alive in her Instagram presence, where she is able to express herself without any constraints. Her content provides a fresh, distinctive perspective that captivates her audience, allowing them to see the world through her eyes.

Her passion for freediving led her to a niche that's as unique as her personality. She didn’t consciously choose this niche; rather, it chose her. With her underwater content, she was able to gain a significant following on Instagram. The breathtaking visuals of her freediving adventures offer a glimpse into a world few get to experience - making her content both intriguing and enticing.

Upon joining Social Cat in September 2022, she discovered a new realm of opportunities. She realized that her passion for freediving and the unique content it generated could be more than just a hobby - it could be a lifestyle. Not only did she embrace this, but she also started sharing more of her everyday life.

When asked about how she maintains authenticity and a strong connection with her audience, she stated, "I like to show myself using the brands and I like to be as responsive as I can to my audience. Although I can’t respond to every comment, I see every single one and appreciate them all so much." She emphasizes that authenticity is crucial in her partnerships, "I only promote brands I truly believe in and products I use. I always research first, and I have even turned down a brand after the product arrived because I didn’t want to promote a bad product on my platform."

Her commitment to authenticity and engaging content has since enabled her to work successfully with over 150 different companies on Social Cat, demonstrating the power of unique, engaging content in building strong partnerships with brands.

Collaboration Process

Rima's approach to collaborations is rooted in her commitment to authenticity and ethical sourcing. Before deciding to partner with a brand, she conducts a thorough review of their products and values to ensure alignment with her own ethos.

In her own words, "I only feature natural and ethically sourced products. I check their website and Instagram prior to accepting. I even google search the brands sometimes."

Her meticulous vetting process involves not only checking the brand's online presence but also doing an in-depth Google search. This diligence ensures a match between her values and those of the brand she collaborates with. As a result, her collaborations are always meaningful, authentic, and in sync with her audience's expectations and interests.

She ensures her promotions feel organic and genuine, which significantly contributes to the success of her collaborations on Social Cat.

Success story

Rima has shown remarkable resilience and creativity in her collaborations. One particularly challenging partnership required her to step outside her comfort zone and take a new approach to content creation.

In her words, "I had known for a long time that a better way to engage with your followers is to talk. Since I spent half my life in London and the other half in Miami, my accent is a mix and I often get people not understanding certain words I say."

The challenge came when promoting a Manta Ray figure for Tenacious Toys, a collaboration that required her to speak about the figurine. She confesses, "Being able to speak on camera for the first time; 'finding my voice' was a big struggle for me. It’s still challenging." But despite this struggle, she took on the challenge and succeeded. The collaboration was a success, and she has since partnered with Tenacious Toys for another speaking engagement.

Check out the collaboration here.

Measuring the success of collaborations is crucial, and our influencer takes an interactive approach. She believes in open and ongoing communication with her partners. "I like to over-communicate with whoever I’m working with. I won’t put out anything unless I feel it fits my standards. After posting, I ask them how they felt about it..."

Feedback from brands, in response to her posts, is a key indicator of success for her. She relishes in reading their positive reviews, stating that "reading their lovely reviews brings me so much joy. I’m so grateful to all the brands I’ve worked with."

Her unique approach to collaborations and her diligent way of measuring success have helped her become one of the top-performing influencers on Social Cat. She's not just creating content; she's crafting stories that resonate with her audience and build a strong bond between the brand and her followers.

A glimpse of Rima’s underwater content


Our influencer has a compelling story of how Social Cat has helped her amplify her influencer career and forge meaningful partnerships with small businesses.

In her own words: "I’m so grateful for Social Cat. Before I joined, I had no real way of connecting with brands. It was frustrating and discouraging to know my talent was going unnoticed. I would tag brands in my work, and they wouldn’t even see it."

Social Cat has been instrumental in changing this narrative. The platform opened the door to a new world of opportunities for her, where her talent could truly shine and be appreciated. The change was stark: "After joining Social Cat, my experience has changed completely. I wake up to requests from potential brands every morning."

Her collaboration journey through Social Cat has been rewarding and fulfilling. The opportunity to support small businesses while doing what she loves most - creating content - brings her immense satisfaction. In her words, "It’s so fulfilling to not only help small businesses but being recognized for something I love to do; create content."

Her experience with Social Cat exemplifies how micro-influencers can connect with brands, grow their careers, and make an impact on small businesses - all while doing what they love.

Lessons learned

Through her experience, Rima provides other influencers and small businesses navigating the world of partnerships with priceless insights and lessons.

Rima emphasizes the significance of authenticity as one of her main lessons. "I like to show myself using the brands and like to be as responsive as I can to my audience... I only promote brands I truly believe in and products I use," she explains. Rima develops a true connection and trust with her audience, which is crucial for an effective influencer, by using the items she recommends and staying attentive to them.

Rima also discusses her experience with a surprise obstacle. She ordered from a brand, but what she got was not what she ordered. But she made the most of this circumstance: "I was disappointed. However, I ended up loving the content I created and also got a great response from the public, so I’m happy to say everything worked out perfectly”. This story shows how adaptability and a positive outlook can transform difficulties into innovative opportunities.

Last but not least, Rima provides insightful counsel for other influencers looking to forge fruitful alliances: "Build connections with the brands, be kind and responsive. Look at it as a partnership rather than a business deal. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks! 'Feel the fear and do it anyway.'. This underlines how crucial it is to cultivate deep connections and develop an adventurous mindset in order to succeed as an influencer.

Other influencers might get valuable insight from Rima's experience regarding the benefits of cultivating trusting relationships with brands, the value of authenticity, and the effectiveness of adaptability. These insights serve as a guide for individuals seeking to form fruitful alliances and expand their influence.


The journey of Rima, a top-performing influencer on Social Cat, underscores the essentials for influencers who aspire to maximize their collaborations with brands. The key lies in four interconnected elements: authenticity, adaptability, meaningful relationships, and risk-taking.

Authenticity is the bedrock of successful influencer-brand collaborations. Influencers must remain true to themselves, only endorsing products they genuinely use and believe in. This authenticity not only builds trust with their audience but also enhances their credibility with brands.

Adaptability is crucial in an industry that thrives on creativity and innovation. Influencers should remain flexible, turning unexpected challenges into opportunities for unique content. The ability to adapt underlines an influencer's creative prowess and problem-solving aptitude.

Building meaningful relationships with brands is also essential. By treating collaborations as partnerships rather than mere business deals, influencers can foster long-term relationships that open doors to more opportunities.

Finally, risk-taking is key. As Rima advises, influencers should not fear stepping out of their comfort zones. They should embrace risks, whether it's experimenting with new content or venturing into new collaborations.

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