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How to get more exposure and awareness for your brand

Stefan Afrasinei

Stefan Afrasinei

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This article teaches you how to get more exposure and awareness for your brand; with some of the methods below, you can even get your brand featured on 200 of the most popular news sites in the US, including FOX and USA Today.

Bonus tip: some of the tactics presented below can help you get verified on Instagram.

But why would you need more exposure for your brand?

Brand exposure, which later translates to brand awareness and sales, is necessary but often skipped by small brands starting or sometimes even by more established brands.

There are multiple reasons for avoiding work towards this goal, but the most common cause is the need for a dedicated budget. From our experience with growing our brand, Social Cat, we are confident this is a mistake. It’s pretty simple to understand why. Let’s assume that you started your brand not too long ago, and to grow, you need more sales, but sales (purchases) are made by customers that might need your product.

How do potential customers hear about your products? They become aware of your products due to exposure to them via different digital and offline channels. It’s obvious now that to get more sales; first, you need more exposure and awareness for your brand. It is one of the most critical steps in a customer journey, and at the same time, it gets skipped way too often.

To convince yourself, consider this customer journey infographic; the first step for sale is awareness. @image by

There are multiple ways to get exposure and build brand awareness for your brand, and below, we will focus on three tactics that have worked for us since we launched Social Cat. But are we entirely sure they work and bring potential sales? The short answer is yes because we cannot attribute part of our conversions, and our demo calls feedback says this: “we heard about you a while ago via one of your digital channels.”

Method 1 - Meta Advertising

Before worrying about not knowing how to run Meta ads, look at this guide written by our performance marketing team. It teaches you how to run ads for awareness and sales on small budgets. Meta ads are effective because:

  • Despite the general opinion, they still work, and you can reach potential customers effectively and on a small budget.
  • They have a snowball effect: the more ads you run and the longer you run, the more results you’ll be able to see
  • You can run engagement or awareness ads for as low as $1/day, giving you a cheap way to learn the platform and later transition to bigger budgets and conversion-focused goals
  • It’s a safe and vetted method to increase your social media presence, which, guess what: will lead to exposure, awareness, and sales.

In general, meta ads and performance marketing take longer to learn properly, and patience is required to see the results. Avoid getting trapped in misleading conceptions about this channel, and start experimenting with it with a controlled budget that will not hurt your business’s cash flow.

But what if, as a small brand owner, you don’t have the time to learn and practice the method above? Have a look below; method no. 2 is for you.

Method 2 - Brand Push

Brand Push is the smartest way to build digital brand awareness and increase sales for your brand. On top of that, you can brag about your brand being featured on 200 news sites, including FOX and USA Today. With Brand Push, your brand can get featured on 200 influential news sites, with more than 100 million visitors monthly. The best part is that you can do that in less than seven days.

Remember the learning curve from method one and the patience needed? Forget about it; with Brand Push, you can get the exposure in less than seven days; that is the turnaround time for their team to write and publish an article on more than 200 news sites across the US.

This service has multiple benefits:

  • Massive brand exposure and awareness.
  • Drive potential customers to your website
  • Not only do they just publish, but their team of writers crafts the article for you.
  • It can help your brand rank high on Google’s first page for a specific keyword.
  • Are you looking to get verified on Instagram? Showcase Meta all the news sites talking about your business, and get the blue tick.

Don’t take our word for granted; check their verified reviews on Trustpilot.

In terms of how it works, it’s simple. Brand Push’s team of writers will craft the perfect news story for your brand, and after you revise it, it gets published on their network of over 200 news sites.

After it gets published, it takes up to a few weeks to see the results, but Brand Push sends you a full report similar to this one, with live links to see the results.

The publications they work with usually keep the articles live for 3 to 24 months. This method has many benefits, but one of our favorite ones is that you can quickly build website authority for your brand. Major publications in the space for quite some time usually have above 75 website authority.

Getting do-follow links from their news sites will show Google that you are a trustworthy business, helping you rank higher on its first page; this will lead to more exposure, awareness, and, eventually, sales. Want to check your website’s authority? Use this free tool. If your score is less than 15, consider working towards improving it; check Brand Push, and start ranking higher on Google. 

Method 3 - Guest blogging

Another tactic brands use to get exposure and build awareness is guest blogging. Before you think of approaching this, there is one critical question you need to ask yourself as a brand owner:Where is my audience spending its time online? Think about the blogs, magazines, or resources they read daily or weekly.

Let’s take an example; Social Cat’s audience is made of small business owners, most of whom need accounting services; after performing a Google search around this subject, we found this service that helps small businesses with their accounting. It’s a perfect match! Spend some time thinking about the digital tools and services your target audience uses online, and make a short list of them.

The next step is to build a small database with potential leads to contact and see if they can guest blog about your brand. You can even use Excel, Airtable, or any other free tool. Make sure to add all the information you need: the person of contact, email, or any other contact method, and keep track of the leads you reach out to.

While this method is tested and proven, it takes quite a bit to find, contact, and agree with potential bloggers to write about your brand. On top of this, a lot of the time, each blog post might require a financial sponsorship, which needs to be taken into consideration, considering the benefits are more on a long-term basis.

Final thoughts

There is no right or wrong with any of the methods above; all of them are proven; the real question comes in terms of the resources you can spend: time and money. Both 1 and 3 require time and money to set up, optimize and maintain. If you’re looking for an affordable and faster way to get exposure, awareness, or potential sales, then Brand Push might be the right fit for you.

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