Aug 25, 2022

User generated content in ads

A short guide on how you can integrate content from influencers (creators) on your social media advertising channels.

A short guide on how you can integrate content from influencers (creators) on your social media advertising channels.

Photo Content

There are a couple of ways of getting photo content for your advertising channels:

  • Do it yourself with Canva, Figma or other similar software
  • Use stock photos
  • Use a content agency
  • Work with influencers

Do it yourself with Canva, Figma or other similar software

The first option here requires some skills in using these types of software. However, if you have the time and the inspiration, we advise you to start working with them and generate content for your ads and even social channels.

Figma might seem a little bit more intimidating initially, but there are plenty of resources and how-to guides to learn from. From our point of view, if you are looking to get a little more serious with content creation, then Figma is the way to go!

Working on content creation might take a bit of time, but it’s a handy and fun skill to have! So if you start, stick to the process!

Stock Photos

In section 7 of the Facebook Ads Guide, we advised you to avoid stock photos or images, and the rule is still available. However, if you're looking to launch a campaign and learn, or you are keen to launch ads, you can go ahead and use stock photos until you have something better in the pipeline.

Using a content agency

This is a good solution and will produce good content but it's very expensive. You need a budget of at least $5k to start working with an agency. Another downside of working with agencies is that the content they produce is not as natural as you would get it from a normal creator. Best performing creative on social media advertising channels is user generated content.

Work with influencers

This is the best way to get content for your social media and advertising channels. You can also work with influencers, obtain content (photos) of your product, and then use them in ads.

Video Content

Besides its numerous advantages, working with influencers brings another benefit: you can get video content at a fraction of what you usually pay for someone specialising in this.

More prominent companies can afford to pay videographers regularly and keep the content pipeline flowing. But for small brands, this was not an option until now.

With Social Cat, you send a product out, you get a review and the video (or photo or both) content in exchange for it.

Video content works incredible well in ads if done right.

The human connection

When working with influencers, ask them to use your product and talk live at the camera about your product. Then, ask them to briefly cover a few qualities they like and why they use this product.

They need to be present in the video for this human connection to happen 100%. So make sure they are not “camera shy” and show their face.

Psychologically, we are more inclined to listen to someone talking live about a product or seeing a person using a specific product.

Show the product in action

Show the product and what it does. For example, show it to the camera or on the table if it's a scented candle. If it's a Photo Book, showcase it with the photos inside.

Live voice over

Avoid muted video reviews or videos with music in the background but no voice. The best performing videos are where the influencer talks about the product and its qualities in the video.

Avoid beating around the bush and lengthy videos.

Be short and on the spot. Ask the influencer to cover a few brief points about the product and depict it in action. We recommend a maximum of 30 seconds worth of content for a review.

💡 If you have a longer video with more product qualities, split it into multiple videos and use them in different ads.

You can use video content from influencers on the following platforms:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat

We have seen great results on each of these platforms above when using video content.

However, we strongly recommend a mix of creative - both photo and video content to get the best out of your campaigns.

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