Sep 18, 2022

Intro Made - Next Steps

The following guide is a short walk-through of the next steps you should take as a brand when you match an influencer on Social Cat.

The following guide is a short walk-through of the next steps you should take as a brand when you match an influencer on Social Cat.

Important:Your feedback regarding our guides is welcomed and encouraged. If you feel we missed something or we can help in a better way, please email us at

The Product

The match happened behind the scenes, and an intro will be made for both of you via email.

Before discussing details about the campaign, it is essential to decide what product you will gift to the influencer. If you sell only one product, you will gift that one, so you can skip this section.

But if you do sell more products, read along.

Deciding what product you will send out is up to you, your goal with this campaign, your needs, or your cash flow. For example, maybe you are looking to promote a new product you are releasing and need content for it, or you might be revamping an older product and need more creative to cover it.

It all depends; there is no right or wrong here, so take a few moments to understand this better.

TIP:We have one suggestion here - do not send out expensive products just yet, especially if this is the first time you are working with influencers - first, test what works and what does not - what type of campaign, type of message, influencer and more.

Content and specifications

You matched an influencer, and now you know the product you will send out. Next, it's time to talk about the actual partnership.

Depending on your campaign goal, now it's the best time to let the influencer know the deliverables for this campaign and how fast you would like to see it live. By deliverables, we mean what would you like in return for this product.

You can read more about the types of campaigns on Instagram here.

Important:Make sure to be precise with the time frame you would like this campaign to be executed. We advise approaching this subject as soon as possible to avoid later misunderstanding and poor delivery.
We suggest 1 to 14 days for the influencers to execute a campaign, either Feed, Stories, or Reels, but this depends on other factors - how fast you can send a product out, stock availability, and more. It is up to you and the influencer you matched with to decide a realistic time frame; the suggestion above is merely for guidance.
If an influencer does not respect the timeline, we strongly recommend replacing the influencer from your brand dashboard. Our system will place this account on hold instantly until we resolve this together.
In case we cannot reach an agreement, we are ready to replace the collaboration.
Tip:Sometimes, if you agree on a short time frame for the content to be live, please keep in mind that other important priorities can show up for influencers, and they might be late one or two days in delivery. If your time allows it, we suggest sending a quick check-in message to see the status.
If they don't get back to you or you are not happy with the answer, please report them and a member of our team will help as soon as possible.


It is essential that any campaign that goes live on Instagram be accompanied by relevant hashtags, which can help with discovery and brand awareness.

As a brand, you probably have a few hashtags that you are regularly using in your post. Ask the influencer to post them along with your content.

If you are unsure what hashtags to use, you can read more about them in this guide.

Branded Content

Facebook policies require anyone, whether they're on a creator, business, or personal account, to tag business partners in their branded content posts when there's an exchange of value between a creator or publisher and a business partner.

Sometimes, brands try to avoid complying with Facebook policies ( and therefore, Instagram) for different reasons. However, trying to avoid policies will increase your chances of getting your profile suspended on Facebook, so we strongly recommend complying with current guidelines.

You can read more about the Facebook and Instagram policies here.

Sending the product out

You have everything in place, so now is time to send products out and wait for the influencer to reach back to you when they arrive.

If you have any questions, please send them over to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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