Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In the following guide, you can find details about the types of campaigns you can run on Instagram with content creators. 👩‍💻
Opt for the one that better suits your current needs or, if possible, a mix of them. 🔝


  1. Instagram Feed Campaign
  1. Instagram Story Campaign
  1. Instagram Reels Campaign

Instagram Feed Campaign

Running a Feed Campaign with Influencers on Instagram should be used if your goals are similar to the ones below:
Reach - If you are looking to reach as many people as possible - The Feed content is evergreen, so it will stay in the influencer's Feed forever (assuming it won't be deleted)
Placing the Content in Feed and having it there for a more extended period increases the possibility of reaching more users over time.
Brand Awareness - Over time, depending on the number of influencers you are working with, Content placed in their feeds will generate Brand Awareness as they will gain more and more followers
User-Generated Content - If you are looking for Content for your other marketing channels, running a few Feed Campaign is a good idea for you to get high-quality Content (photos) of your products or even services
💡 Sometimes, brands use this type of campaign to get high-quality Content for their new products instead of hiring a professional photographer, which might be too expensive for them.
💡💡 If this is your goal, make sure the influencer can create high-quality Content first by checking their Feed and getting a feel of the Content created so far

Instagram Story Campaign

Stories are personal, spontaneous, and the first place users check when they open Instagram.
This gives brands a better chance for discovery and storytelling. 🤳
The advantages of a story campaign or when you should opt for this type:
Engagement - Stories encourage engagement with different options like questions, polls, quizzes, etc. If you are looking for more people to engage with, start a conversation around new products or receive crucial feedback for your products, this is an excellent place to start.
💡 Be active on your brand's Instagram profile as often as possible via stories to encourage engagement and gather feedback
Genuine Person Review - Partner up for a story campaign and ask the influencer to review your product with a voiceover and with him (or her) being involved in it - showing his (her) face and maybe even do a small unboxing or see the product in action
💡 By seeing a natural person using a product, users are more likely to become interested and check out the specific product
Conversions Instagram Stories are the optimal place to run campaigns for conversions via link stickers.
💡 Include a discount code for followers to give an extra incentive for buying - you can easily create discount codes with your e-commerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce) or payment providers like Stripe
Storytelling Instagram Stories are personal - influencers can tell a story about your product and create a narrative around it
Ex. - how did your product help them in a specific situation - users are more likely to find themselves in a similar situation, realizing that they do need your product
User-Generated Content - this refers to influencers using and reviewing your product. Save the Content and use it on your Marketing Channels.
💡 By using video content on their Social Media Advertising channels (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.) with natural persons reviewing a product, brands leveraging this channel obtained a CTR up to 3x higher compared with ads where a classic photo creative was used
💡 Stories are only available for 24 hours on Instagram. To make them permanent and reach more users over time, add them to your Highlights on Instagram

Instagram Reels Campaign

Instagram Reels are similar to Stories, but they do have a few advantages:
Evergreen Content - Unlike Stories, Reels won't disappear after 24 hours, reaching more and more users over time
Hashtags and Captions - Compared with Stories, you can use up to 30 hashtags and include captions for your Reels which makes it more appealing to users and
Reach new audiences build brand awareness - Public Reels appear in the Explore Tab, which makes it easier to be discovered by new audiences compared with Stories, which can be viewed only by followers.
Viral Content - Influencers are creative persons, and they can come up with original Content for products or build authentic narratives around them which can go viral
As a general note, pick the campaign that aligns better with your brand goals and specify what type of Content you would like to receive in exchange for a product. 🎁
Our recommendation is to opt for either Stories or Reels, as they have multiple advantages compared with Feed reviews. Ideally, you are looking to strike for a deal where you can be featured both in Stories or Reels and Feed. 🥇